Google Maps Gets Improved With Inside Live View AR Directions

Google Maps Gets Improved With Inside Live View AR Directions
Google Maps Gets Improved With Inside Live View AR Directions

Google Maps has received a number of upgrades, including new indoor AR Directions and path suggestions that are environmentally friendly. One of the most intriguing features of the Google app is its ability to navigate through indoor spaces such as airports, malls, and train stations.

With enhanced precision, Google is introducing Live View indoor to airports, bus stations, and shopping malls. The Live View directions allow you to hold your device, aim your camera around you, and see arrows and icons pointing you in the right direction.

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Live View AR digital instructions are a new Google Maps feature that offers guidance when you’re searching for directions on your phone. So, if you’re in a shopping mall, simply search for anything like store, bathroom, or other on Google Maps, and it will guide you to your destination using arrows and other digital signs.

The Live View feature for Android and iPhone was first introduced in 2019, although it was limited to outside locations at the time. You can use Google Maps to search for a location on your phone, then tap “Directions” and then tap the “Live View” option next to “Start.”

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Live View AR, the latest feature, will be available in many malls around the country, including Chicago, Long Island, New York, Newark, New Jersey, San Jose, California, and Seattle. It will be available at airports, shopping malls, and bus stations in Tokyo and Zurich in the coming months. Other cities and locations will soon be able to use the feature.

Google Maps will be updated in the coming months with new features such as air quality information, food store pick-up integration, and alternative eco-friendly driving routes, according to the company.

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